Vestiges Of Violence

From Grass To Dust

June 18, 2021 HumAngle Season 1 Episode 13
Vestiges Of Violence
From Grass To Dust
Show Notes

Veronica used to have farms and feed many mouths until her farms were attacked. Veronica now lives with the turbulence of an IDP camp and the loss of loved ones. 

Host: Hameeda Buhari.

Written by: Anita Eboigbe, edited by Osato Edokpayi

Produced by: Abba Gongulong. 

Social promotions by: Muhammed Akinyemi

Voice acting by: Maryam Mustapha

Consulting producer: Osato Edokpayi

Senior producer: Anita Eboigbe.

Executive producer: Ahmad Salkida.

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